New art, new stories and a book or two

Okay I know I have been slow with new stuff. The reason is I have taken the “If I Could Fly” pages and made an ebook which is up on Amazon and actually selling. I have spent the last few days changing up the format to make the book available as a paperback. Now I can tell you going from original png to psd to jpg to pdf takes a wee bit of time to do. So you can hopefully expect to see the paperback up for sale by next month.

As for new art and new stories I have two new digital series I will be starting. My daughter decided that the program I was using to make my first digital story was just not good enough so she downloaded a new ap onto my art tablet. It is trickier to use but it has some interesting effects. I will use it for some of my stories but I am sticking to the original for the work aimed at the littler of kids.

Now the first of the images from the new ap are interesting and I think I should make this more a middle reader level story. With just a bit more adventure, but we will see.

Here is the image I came up with


Other than playing with digital artwork I have also been working on preparing my hand drawn stories for publication. I am removing the handwritten text and retyping in the words with some edits to help the stories flow better. At the moment I am about two thirds of the way through getting the first of the Shaman Tales together for a book. Another fun learning experience for this old writer type. Hopefully some of you nice followers are looking forward to seeing my work cleaned up and put out as actual books.

Well back to the salt mines!


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